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Foreign Trade Development History of Huanri Group

Foreign Trade Development History of Huanri Group

In 1984, Huanri Group was established.

In 1998, foreign trade department was founded.

In 1999, Huanri group began to export brass products, annual export earnings reached USD100,000.00

In 2000, Huanri group began to export LPG cylinders; annual export earnings reached one million dollars. And at the same year, branch office was established at Dubai, UAE.

In 2001, Huanri group succeeded in winning the bid of exporting 1.2 million pieces of LPG cylinders to Iraq, export amount reached 30 million U. S.dollars. AGA approval for LPG cylinder was acquired at the same year, cylinders were exported to Australia. Sanitary wares were added to the export list from then on.

In 2002, Huanri group won the bid of exporting 1.2 million of LPG cylinders to Iraq; annual export earnings reached 30 millon dollars.

Shandong Huanri Imp. & Export Trading Co., Ltd. was founded at the same year.

In 2003, Huanri Group began to explore European market.

In 2004, Huanri developed American market, rubber product export was added. We got DOT approval for exporting cylinders to USA at the same year.

In 2005, we got TC approval for exporting cylinders to Canada, and UL approval for exporting valves to American market.

In 2008 Huanri cylinders got TPED approval for entering European market, pipe fittings got CE approval for European market.

In 2009, Huanri cylinders got SNI approval for entering Indonesia, and we began to further explore African and Southern American market.

In 2010, Huanri group began to develop cylinder products, and expanded to Asia, Europe, North and South America, Australia and Africa, market layout was basically completed.

In 2011, valve factory started to design and develop cryogenic valve and high pressure valve.

In 2012, LNG factory was built, producing cryogenic automobile cylinder and welding insulated cylinder; and LPG cylinder acquired SON approval for Nigerian market.

In 2013, CNG cylinder factory was established.

In 2014, Huanri obtained ASME certificate for large storage tanks.

In 2014, Qingdao HiRosy International Trading Co., Ltd. was founded.

In 2015, Middle East bathroom network and the Middle East bathroom electric mall were finished.




Huanri’s main products consist of LPG, LNG & CNG cylinder and valve, brass and stainless steel valve & fittings, overall bathroom products etc., most of the products are sold to Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, South America, Africa and other countries and regions. Some of the products have occupied a certain market share in the international market; Huanri products are widely accepted and praised, by customers.



Huanri in one of the biggest manufacture for cylinders and tanks, and have got many certification.

Ameraca and Australia is our main market.

Huanri valves and fittings have got CE approval.

Europe is our main marekt.

Huanri operate mostly overall sanitary ware for shower room.

Hirsoy brand well known by all over the world.

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